Saturday, November 27, 2021

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : So I saw that there is nothing better than for a man to have joy in his work–because that is his reward…Ecclesiastics 3:22

Thought of The Day: Being at your best is your responsibility and key to a greater future.

LISTEN : Passion provokes provision. What you don’t desire you don’t acquire. To get it you must chase it, and with all your heart. Work is good, it dignifies your life; and work done with joy and passion brings blessings. Passion makes you to be at your best, for you can’t achieve much with mediocrity. Beloved, passion is the wheel with which purpose runs and goals are achieved. However, passion can’t be sustained without having joy in what you do. The day you begin to hate what you do, your passion for it begins to die. It’ll be practically impossible to achieve your goals if you’re bankrupt of passion and joy. What is passion? Passion in this context is fervor, determination, unquenchable zeal. A lot of people set goals but don’t reach those goals because they lack passion. They often abandon their goals as a result of distractions, impatience and lack of courage to persevere all the way. Beloved, you can’t be fulfilled until you have done well. So, how’re you pursuing your goals? Apostle Paul reveals helpful information on how to reach our goals. He says,

“I do not consider myself to have attained this. Instead I am single-minded: Forgetting the things that are behind and reaching out for the things that are ahead, with this goal in mind, I strive toward the prize…”

Philippians 3:13-14

He (Paul) mentioned singleness of purpose, determination and focus as what has helped him to accomplish his God-given goals. He disengaged with his past and focused on the future. Beloved, is your past filled with regrettable experiences? Is your past trying to take the best of you? Please do not allow it. Love your work with passion and do it with joy, and you’ll be rewarded in the end. Remember that, work done with joy and passion brings blessings. Be wise!

What Should We Do With This Message?

1. Determine to be happy with what you do and make sure it’s your God-given assignment.
2. Don’t allow your past to stand as an obstacle to you. Instead, rise and advance to the future.
3. Be focused and determined to pursue your goals, and don’t allow limitations to stop your progress.
4. Don’t allow anyone to talk you into despising your own genuine work. Instead, be proud of it and keep improving in it.

Prayer : Dear Lord, You’re the Creator of all things, and You created me in Your own image. Therefore, help me to find joy in my work, in Jesus’ name, amen!

A Word Of Blessing : Today, I speak on your life. Receive grace to rejoice in the works of your hands; and more grace to finish well. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Reflection : He who must make noticeable progress in life must choose to be happy with himself and what he does.

Quote : “Passion fills the heart with joy and makes work pleasurable, for passion is the wheel with which purpose runs and goals are achieved.”

Biblical Fact : Did you know Elijah proves to the prophets of Baal that God is the living God when the fire of the LORD fell? (1Kings 18:36-38).

Stunning Fact : Did you know sun light can penetrate clean ocean water up to a depth of 73m (240 feet)?

Bible Quiz : Why did Jonah hesitate to go to Nineveh to deliver God’s message of warning to them?

God bless you!

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