Friday, November 13, 2020

AuthorBishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The DayBecause of my condition, even my friends and acquaintances keep their distance; my neighbors stand far away. Psalms 38:11

Thought of The Day : He or she who puts his or her faith in God will not be lonely even in a lonely and frustrating situations.

LISTEN : When people reject you, don’t reject yourself. It is not wise for the rejected to reject himself. If people keep their distance, keep close to God. Refuse to be lonely even in a lonely and frustrating situations. My dear, you can’t afford to be endlessly lonely. Yes, loneliness hurts and frustrates. It denies one the warmth fellowship of friends, acquaintances and relatives. What does it mean to be lonely? It means to be without company : to be cut off from others : to be sad from being alone. Loneliness produces sad feelings that comes from being apart from other people. It makes you feel like you have been abandoned to perish by yourself. My dear, for a moment, imagine yourself sick and in pain and no one visits to know how you are recuperating, or to assist you with a need, how would you feel? Or you have been overtaken by a tragedy, but rather than console you, everyone believes you are responsible for your misfortune. How would you feel? Sad and lonely, right? People go through loneliness in many ways and form. Loneliness could be felt in school where no one wants you close to them; in a society where one is ostracised for one reason or the other; in a marriage relationship where a spouse is mistreated and despised; when one is wrongly accused of evil and no one cares to verify the truth. The list goes on and on. This was the condition of David when he penned this Psalms. He said, “Because of my condition, even my friends and acquaintances keep their distance ; my neighbors stand far away.” (Psalms 38:11). Beloved, is your case like David’s? Not to worry! The Bible says, “Even if my father and mother abandoned me, the LORD would take me in.” (Psalms 27:10). Don’t allow the pain of loneliness to rob you of the opportunity to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Never give up on yourself. When circumstances of life keeps you rejected and lonely, seek the company of the Holy Spirit. Don’t write off yourself no matter what. Remember, God cares about you and you can’t afford to give up on Him or yourself. Be wise!

What Should We Do With This Message?  
1. Never allow the pain of loneliness to keep you from embracing the love of God.
2. When others abandon you, do not write off yourself.
3. No matter your level of loneliness, determine to put your trust in God.
4. Determine never to allow the fear of what you have suffered deny you what you can achieve by doing the right thing.

Faith Confession In Jesus’ name. I declare that, when people keep their distance, I will trust in God and seek the company of the Holy Spirit.

PrayerHeavenly Father! You are compassionate and loving. I thank You because You care about me. Therefore, help me to continue to trust in You when people keep their distance, amen.

A Word Of Blessing It is well with you. Today I speak on your life. May God turn your sorrow to joy. May He wipe away your tears and bless you with glory, in Jesus’ name, amen.

ReflectionWhen circumstance keeps you lonely, rejected and heartbroken, seek the company of the comforter – the Holy Spirit.

Quote“He who chooses to be endlessly depressed because of rejection and heartbreak, will end in the arena of death.”

Biblical FactDid you know Noah’s Ark was 300 cubits (450 feet) long, 50 cubits (75 feet) wide, and 30 cubits (45 feet) high? (Genesis 6:15).

Today In HistoryNovember 13, 2013 Hawaii legalizes same sex marriage

Stunning FactDid you know a group of kangaroos is called a mob?

Bible Quiz : God extended Hezekiah’s life by how many years?

God bless you!

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