Sunday, September 20, 2020

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV).

Thought Of The Day : No favour is too small to be thankful for. For thankfulness triggers more favours.

LISTEN : Never neglect to give thanks to God. Thanksgiving glorifies God and positions the giver for God’s blessings. My dear, are you finding it difficult to give thanks? You must learn to be thankful for everything (both good and bad). Besides, no favour is too small to be thankful for. Most times, being ungrateful for small favours will cause us to forfeit big favours. My dear, thankfulness should be a lifestyle, not a choice. When you are thankful for everything, everything can work in your favour. Thankfulness is good and pleasing to God. Even when it is painful and difficult to give thanks, God wants us to do it all the same, for it is a sacrifice pleasing to Him (1 Thessalonians 5:18; Hebrews 13:15). Couple of months ago I told a story about one evening, as a woman and her children gathered for dinner, her oldest daughter asked her, “Mother, why are you always thankful even for the smallest favour? Must you be thankful for everything?” Looking at her daughter, the woman smiled and said, “My daughter, thankfulness is the beauty of life. It keeps you positive, hopeful and charming. It opens doors and blesses you with opportunities to be accepted by others. Thankfulness attracts goodness, and life will be a nightmare without goodness. So, have a thankful heart always, my daughter.” Most of us are like this girl who wondered why her mother was thankful for everything. My dear, do you have a thankful heart? A thankful heart can’t be empty of favour with God and man; because he who is thankful for favour received, will receive more favours. Besides, thankfulness is an attitude of faith, mental and emotional lift to us and those around us. So, be thankful and create atmosphere of thankfulness. The truth is, an atmosphere of thankfulness creates more faith and uplifts you and those around you. Therefore, no matter the circumstance, never neglect to give thanks. Be wise!

What Should You Do With This Message?
1. Be thankful always and stop complaining about everything.
2. Create atmosphere of thankfulness and be grateful even for small favours.
3. In every situation be positive and hopeful no matter what.
4. For every favour you receive. show appreciation for it.

Faith Confession : In Jesus’ name, today I confess that thankfulness is good to God and man. Therefore, I will always be thankful for everything, amen

Prayer : Everlasting Father, my praise belongs to You. Therefore, help me to always give praise to You in Jesus’ name, amen!

A Word Of Blessing : It is well with you. Today I speak on your life, nothing will shut your mouth from praising God. It is your time to shine. In Jesus’ name.

Reflection : When you complain about everything, you will force everything to work against you.

Quote : “He who is thankful for everything, moves everything to work in his favour.”

Biblical Fact : Did you know peace is available in the midst of troubles? (Philippians 4:6-7).

Today In History : September 20, 2001 In an address to a joint session of Congress and the American people, US President George W. Bush declares a “war on terror”

Stunning Fact : Did you know room temperature is defined as between 20 to 25C (68 to 77F)?

Bible Quiz : Having lost his sight on his way to Damascus, Who restored the sight of Saul who later became Paul……..?

God bless you!

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