Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : Fear you not; for I am with you: be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yea, I will help you; yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. Isaiah 41:10

Thought Of The Day : Where tension builds up and prevails, confidence gradually collapses.

LISTEN : “Fear not”, is God’s word to His loyal children. God shields His people from troubles and builds their faith through His Word. Where God’s word abounds faith abounds; and where faith abounds fear dies. God is saying to us, “Fear not; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you!” (Isaiah 41:10). But is it possible to be calm in times of trouble? My dear, you can be calm if you allow God to calm your heart through His words. God does that when you exercise faith in Him. Taking refuge in Him in time of trouble will bring peace to your troubled heart. Yes, faith is the cure for spirit of fear. And the power of faith is the word of God. In the face of true faith, fear is powerless. Where faith abounds fear never survives. My dear, be strong and courageous. Whatever the situations, God is in control. And when you believe it, you can overcome fear by faith. When you walk by faith, fear will suffocate and die in your life. Where faith is enthroned fear will be enslaved. The reign of faith creates terror in the kingdom of fear. Beloved, until you enthrone the Spirit of God in your heart fear will continue to torment your life. So, walk by faith. Until you believe what God says about you, you’ll walk in fear and be tormented by the devil all your life. Please don’t entertain fear, rather walk in the power of God. The Bible says, “For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7). Beloved, fear not, rather grow your faith; for where faith is, fear is powerless. Be wise!

What Should You Do With This Message?
1. Use your authority in Christ on every situation and fight until you prevail.
2. Be serious with God and don’t be empty of faith, courage, power, Love and self-control.
3. Don’t walk in fear, or live in intimidation and be tormented by the devil.
4. Never be ignorant of the priviledges you have in Christ Jesus. Instead, discover and apply them.

Faith Confession : In Jesus’ name, I confess that God’s word fortifies us against fear. Therefore, I will feed on the word and not be afraid. Amen.

Prayer : Everlasting Father, I thank you because your word produces faith. Therefore, help me to walk by faith and not by sight. Amen.

Word Of Blessing : It is well with you. May your life be full of courage, power, love and self-control to the glory of God, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Reflection : Faith is the cure for spirit of fear.

Quote : “No matter the storm, you can be calm if you allow God to calm your heart through His words.”

Biblical Fact : Did you know greedy Gehazi was Elisha’s servant? (2Kings 5:20-27).

Today In History : September 16, 1908 General Motors Holding Company was formed in Flint, Mich., by William Durant.

Stunning Fact : Did you know gorillas sleep 14 hours a day?

Bible Quiz : What is Gideon’s other name………?

God bless you!

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