Monday, August 3, 2020

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct he should show his works done in the gentleness that wisdom brings. James 3:13

THOUGHT OF THE DAY : Our action expresses the quality of our thoughts, and wisdom cannot express itself in foolishness.

LISTEN : Your actions are a reflection of your level of wisdom. What you do repeatedly demonstrates what you have inside of you. Yes, your actions speak volumes about your wisdom and understanding. Your actions explain who you truly are (James 3:13). My dear, wisdom is a vital part of everything. And life is empty and worthless without it. Wisdom is key to success in relationships, marriage, career, academics, business, health, etc. Wisdom expresses itself by the way you live. The Scripture above is urging us to prove our wisdom by the way we live. Beloved, are you a wise person? Then show it by your actions. To be wise is to show good judgment or the benefit of experience. Therefore, we’ve nothing to show for our intimacy with Christ Jesus if we’re not affected by His teachings and ways of life. So, to avoid careless lifestyle, you should regularly ask yourself these life-changing and soul-searching questions. 1). Am I living my life right? 2). Do I have life or endless time to waste? 3). Can I be made better by obeying the word of God? By the time you’re done asking and answering these questions, you’ll begin to watch your steps. You’ll see yourself applying what you know to be true in your everyday life; match your faith with godly actions, regularly take account of your life, and direct your love and interest towards eternity (see James 1:22-25;Matt 5:13-16; John 6:26-27). Beloved, life is meant to be lived in the will of God. Therefore, show your wisdom by your actions. Remember, if God is not the reason for your life, you are living in vain. Be wise!

1. Determine to live your life in the will of God.
2. Show your faith by your actions and not by mere words.
3. Regularly take account of your life and make amends where necessary.
4. Direct your interest and love towards eternity and not just to things of this life.

Prayer : Almighty God, help me to always live for you and to be careful with my daily life, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Reflection : There is no wisdom in living just for today and be forgotten tomorrow.

Quote : “Your actions are a reflection of your level of wisdom. What you do repeatedly demonstrates what you have inside of you.”

Faith Confession : In Jesus name, I confess that I’ll be careful with the way I live henceforth, amen.

Biblical Fact : Did you know the name of Aaron’s wife was Elisheba? (Exodus 6:23).

Today In History : August 3, 1911 Airplanes are used for the first time in a military capacity when Italian planes reconnoiter Turkish lines near Tripoli.

Stunning Fact : Did you know Frogs absorb water through their skin so they don’t need to drink.

A Word Of Blessing : It’s well with you. Today I speak on your life, you are blessed with wisdom. May you not stray from God’s purpose for your life, in Jesus’ name, amen.



Bible Verse : Even if he slays me, I will hope in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face! Job 13:15

LISTEN : Our walk with God demands loyalty. To walk with God, we must be prepared to stick with Him in ‘thick and thin.’ Job is one of those who would not trade God for anything. He was prepared to lose his life than lose his faith in God. (Job 1:1-22 ; 2:1-10). One may ask, “how was Job able to survive his trials?” “Why was he not crushed beyond remedy?” “How was he able to remain firm in his faith in God when it’s obvious that he found himself in a situation in which no progress seems possible?” “How was he able to cope with the loss of everything that was dear to him?” “Why did he not give up hope and quit his faith?” The answer is simply. In our verse of the day. Job said, “Even if he slays me, I will hope in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face!” (Job 13:15). Job overcame his trials because he was not ready to compromise his faith no matter what. He attached more value to his faith than anything else. Wealth or no wealth, family or no family, money or no money, popularity or no popularity, Job was determined to stick with God. Not too many people could do what Job did. Beloved, like Job, let us pledge our allegiance to God and hold onto our faith from start to finish. Be wise!

Prayer : Dear Father, you’re faithful and worthy to be praised. Therefore, help me to be firm in faith no matter what, amen!

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