Thursday, July 9, 2020

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : For whoever finds me, finds life, and will obtain favor from the LORD. But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul. All those who hate me love death. Proverbs 8:35,36 (NHEB)

THOUGHT OF THE DAY : Life is a nightmare where the heart is empty of wisdom.

LISTEN : Love for wisdom is love for honour, success, life and the like. Wisdom does not travel alone, but with success, honour, life and the like. My dear, be passionate about wisdom. What is wisdom? Wisdom in a nutshell is good sense. It is the right application of knowledge and the ability to understand what others do not understand. Life is nothing without wisdom. Wisdom gives meaning to life; hence, to be bankrupt of wisdom is to be bankrupt of real life. As a matter of fact, life is a nightmare where the heart is empty of wisdom. Wisdom plays a vital role in all aspects of life. This is why the Scripture commands us to gain wisdom no matter what it takes. The Bible says, “Wisdom is supreme. Get wisdom. Yes, though it costs all your possessions, get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7 NHEB). That is how vital wisdom is. When you gain wisdom, especially divine wisdom you have gained life. Wisdom opens doors and releases favour on those who love ‘her.’ To ignore wisdom is to live at the mercy of circumstances. Beloved, wisdom is calling today. “Her” voice is not hidden if you can open your ears. (Proverbs 8:1). God is speaking to you through nature, circumstances, etc., learn and be wise. Above all, we have the word of God to study, meditate and obtain wisdom. God’s word is wisdom bank, so, explore it. Do not reject wisdom, for anyone who rejects wisdom loves misery and death. Be wise!

1. Be opened to wisdom. Learn and meditate the word of God to gain wisdom.
2. Be devoted to the search for wisdom, and never give up until you gain it.
3. Learn to properly apply your knowledge and seek counsel when necessary.
4. Be a lover of wisdom and demonstrate it in all you do.

Prayer : Heavenly Father, I thank you because wisdom belongs to you. Bless me with wisdom and understanding to fulfill your will, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Reflection : When wisdom is gained, life is gained ; but to ignore wisdom is to live at the mercy of circumstances.

Quote : “Love for wisdom is love for honour, success, life and the like; For wisdom does not travel alone, but with success, honour and life.”

Faith Confession : Today, I acknowledged that wisdom is vital to life. Therefore, I would seek and express wisdom as long as I live, amen.

Biblical Fact: Did you know Jephthah the Gileadite is a mighty man of valour, and the son of a harlot? (Judges 11:1).

Today In History : July 9, 1943 American and British forces make an amphibious landing on Sicilia.

Stunning Fact : Did you know Finland has the largest number of islands in the world (over 179,550)?

A Word Of Blessing : It is well with you. Today I speak on your life. May God bless you with wisdom and understanding. May His favours locate you, in Jesus’ name, amen.


Thursday, July 9, 2020


Bible Verse : I rejoice at your word, as one that finds great spoil. Psalms 119:162

LISTEN : How did you feel the last time a huge amount of money entered your hand? Excited, right? We should be more excited about the word of God. My dear, do you know God’s word is key to life. God’s word is life. God’s word should trigger joy in us because it comes with countless benefits. However, we cannot enjoy these benefits until we have developed hunger for the word. When we hunger for His word we will draw strength from it. What does it mean to hunger for God’s word? It means to be excited by God’s word and to long for righteousness. The Psalmist said, “I rejoice at your word, as one that finds great spoil.” (Psalms 119:162). So, if you cannot find joy in God’s word you do not have hunger for it. You should value God’s word more than self- satisfaction and above all else. Job said, “I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food” (Job 23:12). Beloved, when God’s Word is as important to you as your physical food, then you are going to start to grow in your Christian life and knowledge of God. May your heart not be spiritually dry and empty of God’s Word, in Jesus’ name, amen. My dear, be wise!

Prayer : Dear LORD, I rejoice at Your words and will do always, amen!

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