Monday, January 27, 2020

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : Plans fail when there is no counsel, but with abundant advisers they are established. Proverbs 15:22

LISTEN : Wise counsel often leads to wise decision. And he who is not properly guided ends up in regrets. My dear, Do not claim to know more than you know. Yes, no single person knows everything. Everyone has a little of what can benefit others. What is lacking in one person can be found in another. We all are created uniquely to serve different purposes in the world. Therefore, it is a demonstration of folly not to recognise God’s gifts in others that can benefit you. Our devotional topic today talks about being guided wisely. The Bible says, Plans fail when there is no counsel, but with abundant advisers they are established. (Proverbs 15:22). My dear, counsel (advice) plays a vital role in actualizing your plans. You may have a good plan, but if you fail to seek counsel to know what action to take, the good plan will end like a bad one. Beloved, to succeed in your goals you need to be counseled, especially in areas you know nothing or little about. To counsel is to give advice, especially professional advice: it is to recommend; to make consultation. Friend, before you conclude on your plans seek professional advice. Make sure you are guided wisely. Wise advice helps us to know the right decision to make in a given situation, and guides us against danger. My dear, do not neglect to make consultation. Do not think you do not need professional advice. You need it. For you are bound to fail when you fail to garnish your plans with wise counsel. Therefore, to be guided properly in your decisions, seek wise counsel always. Do not be too big to seek advice; because, he who is too big to seek advice will soon realise that, his plans are designed to fail. So, no matter what, be guided wisely. Be wise!

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Learn to seek professional advice when you are embarking on a project.
2. Do not be too big to seek advice from whom you think can be of help to you.
3. Never neglect or despise wise counsel, instead, apply it to your plans.
4. Always evaluate every advice received to know if it is useful to your plans or not.

Prayer : Dear Lord, you created us in unique ways. Therefore, help me to recognise your grace in others, and to seek advice where necessary, amen!

Reflection : He who neglects wise counsel will end up a victim of deceit.

Quote : “When wise counsel becomes a delight, success becomes inevitable; for He who is wisely guided cannot end up as a victim of regret.”

Faith Confession : Oh Lord, I acknowledge that you created everyone with special gifts. Therefore, help me to benefit from the gifts of others, in Jesus’ name, amen!

Biblical Fact : Did you know Nehemiah was the Cupbearer of King Artaxerxes? (Nehemiah 2:1).

Today In History : January 27, 1967 Three astronauts are killed in a flash fire that engulfed their Apollo 1 spacecraft.

Stunning Fact : Did you know birds need gravity to swallow?

A Word Of Blessing : It is well with you. May God fill your heart with wisdom and understanding. May God’s purpose for your life not be defeated or frustrated, in Jesus’ name, amen!



Monday, January 27, 2020

Bible Verse : Sanctify them by your truth; your word is truth John 17:17

LISTEN : God’s word cleanses the dirt of sin and presents the sinner blameless before God. The word of God produces what we need to be dedicated to God. His word guarantees the cleansing we need to connect to Him. Jesus Christ is the Word of God. He is the ultimate truth. Jesus Christ prays to His Father to sanctify his disciples with the truth, the Word of God. That is, to make them pure and cleanse them from sin (1Th 5:23;1Co 6:11). Truly, sanctification in the life of the believer is progressive. Through the word the believer is made to become more and more like Christ and less attached to the world. The word of God enables the believer to get the control over evil thoughts, passions, and impure desires. Besides, through the word, the believer’s eyes are opened to those things which are unseen and eternal. As a result, he is consecrated, and set apart to God’s purpose. Beloved, Jesus Christ wants you to be made more holy and truly consecrated to God as a follower of His religion. As believers in Christ Jesus, we can only be devoted to the service of God if we are pure and renewed by the word of God. Surely, our faith in Christ cannot function without sanctification (Heb 12:14) When we study and appreciate God’s word, it will separate us from sin, provoke dedication and consecration; gives freedom (John 8:32), etc. My dear, God’s word is our weapon against sin and Satan. So, learn to use it (Psalms 119:11). Be wise!

Prayer: Dear Lord, thanks for cleansing me by your word, amen.


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