Thursday, July 18, 2019

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : But even if you should suffer for doing what is right, you are blessed. “Never be afraid of their threats, and never get upset. 1 Peter 3:14 (ISV).

LISTEN : There is no need to fear when you suffer for what is right. Yes, opposers of good may threaten you with suffering, but you can overcome if you are prepared to deal with it. Fear of suffering makes people succumb to threat and lose their integrity, goals and freedom which they should otherwise secure. Most people gain control over others by means of intimidation. What does it mean to intimidate? It means to frighten or threaten someone, usually in order to persuade them to do something that you want them to do. Unfortunately, lots of people are too unfit to fight their way through or withstand oppositions. Thankfully, there is a way around it. Below are three selected ways to deal with intimidation:

* Build Your Confidence And Courage – lack of confidence is the foundation of failure. So, always be strong and courageous. You can’t stand any pressure without confidence and courage. Confidence makes you overcome anxiety, become more fearless, feel happier, reduce negative thoughts, feel valued and rise to the top. Yes, it is impossible to be confident of yourself and be buried by intimidation.

* Be Informed And Know Your Rights – ignorance robs people of their rights, boldness and freedom. What you know will give solutions to your problems. But lack of knowledge is a threat to your peace and stability. Lots of people like to take advantage of others. Yes, they take advantage of people’s ignorance. My dear, seek knowledge. Gather enough information about any situation you find yourself. What you know is vital to what you become.

* Pray About Your Fears And Confront Them – tell God your fears and worries and stop running away from what you should confront. Pray and act on your prayers. God doesn’t want you to live cowardly. He gives us the spirit of boldness not of fear and timidity (2 Timothy 1:7). Therefore, when you live in fear of people and situations, you will always live in timidity. So, be wise!

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Don’t succumb to intimidation, rather, grow in confidence.
2. No matter the situation, don’t surrender your freedom because of intimidation.
3. Learn to put your trust in God and resist the spirit of fear.
4. Be informed and know your rights and determine to say no to ignorance.

Prayer : Dear Lord, you are the most powerful. Therefore, help me never to walk in fear and intimidation, amen!

Reflection : He who deals with intimidation will not be dealt with it.

Quote : “Never be afraid of suffering when it is necessary; for fear of suffering makes people succumb to threat and lose their integrity and freedom.”

Faith Confession : In Jesus’ name, I confess that I belong to God. Therefore, I will not walk in fear and intimidation, amen!

Biblical Fact : Did you know the wages of sin is death? (Romans 6:23).

Today In History : July 18, 1877 Inventor Thomas Edison records the human voice for the first time.

Stunning Fact : Did you know elephants sleep between 4 – 5 hours in 24 period?

A Word Of Blessing : You belong to the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Therefore, I speak to your life, you will not walk in fear and intimidation. No power can destroy you, in Jesus’ name, amen!



Thursday, July 18, 2019

Bible Verse : Every prudent man acts with knowledge. Proverbs 13:16

LISTEN : Beloved, act with knowledge and do it fast. Things get really bad because unexpected and minor problems are often neglected. In a system, no problem is minor. A neglected ‘minor problem’ puts a major problem on the whole, because one thing will lead to another. My dear, when something seems wrong, even a little bit of wrong, that is the time to check into it. It is a smart move to take each glitch seriously, and stop and evaluate before things get really bad. Sadly, a lot of people like to wait until things get really bad when they can’t handle it anymore. They have no sense of urgency to issues of life because they lack knowledge. People perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). This is why the Bible says, “Every prudent man acts with knowledge.” (Proverbs 13:16). A person with good sense will always think carefully and act wisely. For he knows the right thing to do, and the right time to do it (1 Chronicles 12:32). Beloved, learn to act with knowledge. Fix minor problems in your life before things get really bad. Be wise!

Prayer : Heavenly Father, Wisdom and knowledge are from you. Therefore, help me to act with knowledge as long as I live, amen!

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