Friday, June 14, 2019

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. Luke 2:52

LISTEN : A Christian boy who just graduated from the University said to his father thus: “Dad, I am set for a better life now. I don’t need anyone’s favour to succeed, all I need is God.” His father replied, “Son, you need both the favour of God and man. God can only bless you using someone or some people. So, mind how you treat others because your success may be tied to the one you despise; even Jesus Christ couldn’t do without the favour of man. So, you need both the favour of God and man to succeed.” My dear, this message is for you. Favour comes from God, but through human channels. The favour of God passes through man to man. As a matter of fact, you need both God and man to succeed. Please don’t get me wrong. I have heard people say, “I don’t need anyone to succeed, all I need is God.” Beloved, it is not absolutely true. God made our successes in a way that, we need someone or some people in our lives to be able to succeed. Man is the channel God uses to bless man. If God wants to bless you, He can’t throw the blessings from heaven to you, He will use someone to do that. Therefore, you can’t do without favour from man. Moses could not have been trained in the wisdom of Egypt at the time his people were slaves in the land if he was not picked up and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. Elijah could not have been sustained in famine if God did not use the widow of Zarephath (1Kings 17:8-16). Jesus Christ could not have been baptized without John the Baptist. Joseph could not have found himself in an exalted position in the land of Egypt if the Butler didn’t recommend him to Pharaoh (Genesis 41:9-43). The list goes on and on. My dear, mind how you treat others because you may need their favour on your way to success. Be wise!

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Don’t destroy your relationship with others, because you need others to succeed in life.
2. Determine to grow in favour with God and man.
3. Don’t despise or disrespect others because they might turn out to be your only means to achieve success.
4. Mind how you treat others because you may need their favour at some point in your life.

Prayer : Dear LORD, My future is with you. Therefore, help me to increase in favour with you and man, in Jesus’ name, amen!

Reflection : Mind how you treat others because your success may be tied to the one you despise or disrespect.

Quote : “He who despises others or think he would not need their favour any day, will soon realize that, man is the channel of God’s favour.”

Faith Confession : Today, in the name of Jesus Christ, I confess that, God uses man as channels for His blessings. Therefore, I will not despise others henceforth, amen.

Biblical Fact : Did you know Jesus Christ was 30 years old when he began his work? (Luke 3:23).

Today In History : June 14, 1907 Women in Norway win the right to vote.

Stunning Fact : Did you know sound travels 4.3 times faster through water than in air?

A Word Of Blessing : Today, I speak to your life, may you increase in favour with God and man. May God fill your mouth with songs of joy, in Jesus’ name, amen!



Friday, June 14, 2019

Bible Verse : And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. Genesis 11:4

LISTEN : Beloved, are you for the world or for God? Those who are for the world are worldly and earthly focused. Their investments are earthly- based, and they mind nothing about eternity with God (Genesis 11:3-8). They live as though they own the world. Those who live as though they own the world fixed their eyes and heart on things of this world. They are prepared to do anything even though it is against the will of God. In our Bible verse above, people gathered to build a tower that will reach to the heavens; not to glorify God but just to make a name for themselves and to avoid being scattered around the world. This is how many people live today. They live as though the world will continue forever. They are not moderate with their lifestyle (Psalms 49:6-12; Isaiah 5:7-9); they are not conscious of eternity. My dear, are you conscious of eternity? Are you making eternal investments? Are you living for God or for yourself? Please retrace your steps now. Be wise!

Prayer : Everlasting Father, you are the all-wise God. Help me to love you with all my heart now and forever, amen!

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