Thursday, June 13, 2019

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall all of you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

LISTEN : God cannot change, but He can change things for good (Malachi 3:6). He does great things and command growth to occur where there is stagnation. No meaningful growth can occur without change. Life improves and advances with change. Therefore, to experience growth or progress you should embrace change. People often find change a hard thing to accept because, they are addicted to the old way of doing things. They feel comfortable with the existing state of affairs. They want things left the way they presently are. But achievers are embracers of change. No doubt, change is hard, but if positive change is given a chance, it will make all the difference. In times of change and transition, it is very easy to lose direction or to feel emotionally troubled with uncertainty; but if your eyes are on God He will bless you through the vehicle of change. My dear, those who have launched out to do new things, to experiment, to remedy problems, to find solutions, to pioneer, to achieve the impossible, to take great strides for humanity, have all been embracers of change. So, don’t resist change. To resist change is to resist growth and progress. My dear, imagine that, since you were born nothing has changed in your body. Your bones are still as soft and feeble as they were when you were three months old; and you have not yet increased in size, height and understanding, does it sound reasonable? Of course not! In the same way, life can’t be meaningful without change. As a matter of fact, change is part of life and it gives life its true meaning. So, embrace change if you want to make a difference in life. Be wise!

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Embrace positive change and stop resisting it.
2. No matter the circumstance, be strong and lauch out to do new things.
3. Pray and ask God to help you embrace the change that will change your life for good.
4. Don’t resist change just because you hate the person who initiates the change, rather, embrace it because of the benefits of the change.

Prayer : Almighty God, You change not, but You can change anything. Therefore, help me to embrace positive change, amen!

Reflection : Life improves and advances with change; and achievers are embracers of change.

Quote : “life cannot be meaningful without change; and he that must make a difference in life must embrace change regardless of inconvenience.”

Faith Confession : In the name of Jesus Christ, I confess that, positive change makes life more meaningful. Therefore, I will embrace it, amen!

Biblical Fact : Did you know Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah? (Genesis 25:20).

Today In History : June 13, 1978 Israelis withdraw the last of their invading forces from Lebanon.

Stunning Fact : Did you know the Moon’s diameter is 3,476km?

A Word Of Blessing : May your life change for good. May every change you encounter bring you to your God-ordained destination. It is well with you, in Jesus’ name, amen!



Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bible Verse : The human spirit is like the lamp of the LORD, searching all his innermost parts. Proverbs 20:27

LISTEN : My dear, don’t ignore or undermine your conscience. You are created with a conscience because God doesn’t want you to stray from His purpose. People often stray from the purpose of God because they failed to listen to their own consciences. Deep within our consciences we discover a law which we have not laid upon ourselves but which we must obey. The voice of conscience is ever calling us to love and to do what is good and to avoid evil at all cost. Conscience is that part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong: it is a feeling that something you have done is morally wrong. God gave us consciences so that evil will not dominate our hearts. With our consciences, we should have a clear perception of the principles of morality; what to do, and what not to do. Sadly, for most people, their consciences are as good as dead. This is because they repeatedly ignored their consciences. Today, they can commit all manner of evil without paying attention to the voice of conscience. Beloved, determine to listen to your conscienc henceforth. Be wise!

Prayer : Precious Father, guide me through the right path of life and help me to not ignore my conscience anymore, amen!

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