Sunday, February 3, 2019

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : Make the path for your feet level, so that all your ways may be established. Proverbs 4:26

LISTEN : Success and failure are the results of the way we do things. Real failure reflects wrong actions, and real success reflects right actions. You cannot do things wrong and expect to get a right result. Our verse of the day says, “Make the path for your feet level, so that all your ways may be established.” (Proverbs 4:26). The International Standard Version of the Bible puts it this way, “Carefully measure the paths for your feet, and all your ways will be established.” What does that mean? It means that, you should evaluate your actions and every step you take to avoid regret. To evaluate is to judge the value or condition of what you do in a careful and thoughtful way. Friend, you should carefully consider your ways lest you ruin your life. You must carefully plan where you should go and what you should do in life, then you will succeed in whatever you do. Sadly, a lot of people do not evaluate what they do, where they go to, or what they say. My dear, you are bound to make a costly mistake and possibly sustains it when you fail to evaluate your actions. To achieve success, you should regularly evaluate the way you are doing things. If it is not working, change it. And if it is working well, find out if it could be done better, and determine to do it better. (Ecclesiastics 9:10). There is always room for improvement. Beloved, evaluate the way you do things and never forget that what can be done could equally be done better. When the mind is opened to understanding, better ways to do things will naturally become visible and attainable. So, learn to be the best at what you do. Be wise!

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Examine your actions and make sure you are not following the wrong path.
2. No matter how far you have gone in the wrong road just make a U-turn immediately.
3. When you are wrong, stop making excuses, but rather admit your mistakes and seek solutions.
4 Whatever you are doing, find out if there are ways to make it better and determine to do it better.

Prayer : Everlasting Father, I realise that I am nothing without you. Therefore, help me to evaluate the way I do things and to do them right henceforth, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Reflection : Success and failure are the results of the way we do things. Real failure reflects wrong actions, and real success reflects right actions.

Quote : “When the mind is opened to understanding, better ways to do things naturally become visible and attainable.”

Faith Confession : Today, I confess that with God nothing is impossible. Therefore, I will evaluate my works and do them better to the glory of God, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Biblical Fact : Did you know the longest name in the Bible is Maher-shalal-hash-baz? (Isaiah 8:1).

Today In History : February 3, 1966 The Soviet Luna 9 achieves a soft landing on the moon.

Stunning Fact : Did you know Antarctica is 98% ice and 2% barren rock?

A Word Of Blessing : May God bless the works of your hands. May the grace to do things better and experience a better life be given to you now and forever, in Jesus’ name, amen.



Sunday, February 3, 2019

Bible Verse : But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus Phil. 4:19

LISTEN: David said, The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. (Psalms 23:1). God is the confidence and hope of every genuine Christian. God knows our needs and will not fail to provide for us. He is rich in glory, and the entire world belongs to Him. He created us and knows what we need, and will provide us with our needs. He will surely provide for us. No doubt, we labour and make investments, but God is the one who gives the increase. If God does not bless the works of our hands they cannot prosper. God has given us the assurance of divine provision. If we can ask Him for it He will supply us with the necessary provisions. (Matthew 7:7,8). We must learn to trust Him with our daily needs and be confident that He will not forsake us. His supply includes all our needs, not just some needs. God is the source of all good gifts and provisions.(James 1:17). Whatever we have achieved, we achieved by grace, not by our own strength. Beloved, think deep and you will realise that God’s hand is in everything you claim to have gotten by your own strength. So, stop worrying about what to eat, drink or wear, instead, trust God to honour the works of your hands. He will surely bless you with divine provisions. Remember, He is our shepherd therefore we will lack nothing. Be wise!

1. Bless the name of God for provision and protection.
2. Pray God for forgiveness and mercy.
3. Ask God to bless you with daily provision and support.
4. Pray and destroy all satanic plans against you, your family and the churches of God.
5. Thank God for prayer answered.

It is well with you. May the Lord bless you and provide for your needs. May you not borrow to eat, but lend to others. May today brings you joy, peace and rest, in Jesus’ name, amen.

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