Thursday, January 3, 2019

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : Now the birth of Jesus Christ happened this way. While his mother Mary was engaged to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Matthew 1:18

LISTEN : How can a virgin young woman convince or explain to the society, or the man she is engaged with, that her unlikely and surprise-induced pregnancy is caused by the Holy Spirit, when it is obvious that her marriage has not been consummated? Has it ever been heard? Who will be ready to hear her out? Surely, she will be labelled an unfaithful woman, a loose woman, a slut, a whore and many other names that could qualify her actions. In some societies, it will be difficult for her to have anything to do with any reasonable man anymore. That was the situation Mary found herself when an angel of God told her she had been chosen to give birth to the Messiah. However, she was prepared to bear shame in the eyes of men and be honoured by God in the end. She was prepared to answer a whore, than opposed to the plan of God for humanity. She was ready to lose her engagement with Joseph, her respect and reputation in the society, just to please God. Joseph her espoused husband doubted her “Holy Spirit story”, and concluded plans to cut off the engagement. However, an angel of God visited and told him (Joseph) not to do so, for Mary was pregnant with a holy seed (Jesus Christ) (Matt 1:19-24). Beloved, are you in a similar situation like Mary? Are you confused and in pain because no one will ever believe your story? Not to worry! Fix your eyes on what God asks you to do, and not on how people will feel or what they will say about you. If you must experience the glory of God, you must learn to ignore “the shame that may come as a result of your good actions.” (1 Peter 4:16). Always remember that God’s ways hardly make sense to man (Isaiah 55:8-9). Therefore, If you must walk with God, then you must follow His plans and do not wait until what you do make sense to everyone. Be wise!

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Do not allow what people will say stop you from obeying the voice of God.
2. Fix your eyes on God’s assignment for you, and not on people’s opinions about it.
3. Do not give up when people misunderstand you, rather hold onto God.
4. When you are confused about what to do in a given situation, ask God for directions.

Prayer: Everlasting Father, help me to follow your will even when people misunderstand and doubt me, amen.

Reflection : Fix your eyes on what God asks you to do, and not on how people will feel or what they will say about you.

Quote : The ways of God hardly make sense to man; hence, he who must walk with God must follow His plans and not wait for it to make sense to everyone.”

Faith Confession : Today, I confess that no matter the consequences, I will follow God’s plans for my life, amen!

Biblical Fact : Did you know Simeon and Levi the sons of Jacob, kill the people of Shechem because Shechem the son of Hamor defiled their sister Dinah? (Genesis 34:1-27)

Today In History : January 3, 1977 Apple Computers incorporates.

Stunning Fact: Did you know the most common mental illnesses are anxiety and depression?

A Word Of Blessing : May the Lord bless you. This year you will make a difference. Go and prosper as you pursue the will of God, in Jesus ‘ name, amen.



Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bible Verse : Now therefore thus says the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways. Haggi 1:5

LISTEN: Beloved, this is a new year, and you should walk in newness of life. Always take a regular check of your moral and spiritual life. Determine to live in line with the will of God. In our verse of the day, God urged the Israelites to consider their ways just the same way He is urging us today. The phrase, “consider your ways” simply means to think carefully about what you are doing: to give thought to your ways. Beloved, how often do you examine your ways? Do you really watch what you do? Do you know that your actions can make or mar you? Do you also know that when you refuse to give thought to your ways you will certainly regret your decisions in the long run? My dear, do you really examine what you do with your life? Do you consider your actions before carrying them out? Do you know that not to consider the aftermath of your actions is to head for disaster? Truly, those who act, not minding the consequences of their actions are bound to suffer harm and misery. My dear, always remember that your action is like a seed, whatever you sow you will reap. (Galatians 6:7). If you do the right thing, you can expect God’s blessing and good success in your life. So, consider your actions and guard against doing evil. Use God’s word as your mirror and you will not be deceived. (Psalms 119:11). Be wise!

1. Glorify God for His mercy to you today.
2. Ask God for forgiveness, and grace to be committed to Him.
3. Pray God to help you to always examine your life.
4. Pray God to awaken Christians all over the world to righteousness.
5. Pray against demonic invasion of your life tonight, and Ask God to keep you from evil.

Today I prophesy to you, may God awaken you to righteousness. May the yoke of sin be broken in your life; and may God order your steps and give you peace of mind, in Jesus’ name, amen.