Friday, December 14, 2018

Author: Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day: And the world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of God abides for ever. 1 John 2:17

LISTEN: Everything that has a beginning has an end, and that makes the world temporary. God created the world, but because of sin He vowed to bring it to an end and replace it with a world of peace, righteousness, holiness, eternal life and the likes at the coming of Christ (Revelations 21:1,4). This is the more reason why we should act wisely here on the earth as we prepare for the end of life. Beloved, everyone in the world has a limited time, and the time ought to be used to serve God and humanity. We should not anchor our hope on this world, for the world passes away. My dear, prepare for the end; for those who anchor their hope in the world has put their hope on nothing. There is nothing in this world that will endure at the second coming of Jesus Christ except those who have lived their lives to please God. (1John 2:17a). Nothing is permanent; the only permanent thing in the world is change. And that is what God is going to do at the end of time. The present world is continually fading and perishing; and the very state in which they are possessed is changing, and the earth and its works will be shortly burnt up. Truly, the world will pass away because God has ordained it. Not just the world, but the lust thereof. This means that the people of this world, their vain pursuits, and deceitful pleasures, are passing away in their successive generations, and their very memory perishes (Psalms 39:6 ; 90:9); but he that does the will of God will abide forever. (Matthew 24:35). Beloved, are you passionate about doing the will of God? Do you seek His pleasure, Profit and honour? Friend, pursue the will of God and you will be happy through time and eternity. Be wise!

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Do not be deceived or distracted by the pleasures of this world ; instead, live wisely.
2. Always seek the pleasure, profit, and honour of God and not just yours.
3. Determine to do the will of God and you will not perish with the wicked.
4. Do not rely on the good things of this life because the world will certainly pass away.

Prayer: Everlasting God, you created all things to bless humanity and glorify your name. Help me to think beyond this world and to prepare for eternity as long as I live, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Reflection: God’s will is not done until we seek the pleasure, profit and honour that comes from above.

Quote: “The wisdom of life is to prepare for the end of life; for those who anchor their hope just in this world has put their hope on nothing.”

Faith Confession : Today, I confess with my mouth that I will fill my mind with thoughts of eternity. I will meditate and prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ, amen.

Biblical Fact: Did you know Queen Vasti was deposed by King Ahasuerus and replaced by Esther? (Esther 1:1-22)

Today In History: December 14, 1999 Tens of thousands die as a result of flash floods caused by torrential rains in Vargas, Venezuela.

Stunning Fact: Did you know Tokyo was once known as Edo?

A Word Of Blessing : You are blessed. Today, I speak into your life, may you not be deceived by the pleasure of sin. May God enable you to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ, amen.


Friday, December 14, 2018


Bible Verse : A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels. Proverbs 1:5

LISTEN : One of the characteristics of a man of understanding is to be a person who is teachable. One who learn and continues to Learn. Beloved, we learn to become better. The wise never stops learning; rather, they learn to increase in knowledge and remain relevant in life. Nobody is too learned and wise to stop learning. Learning is a lifetime project. The more you learn, the more you know and become wiser and increase in knowledge. You will become refined and know how to think better and act better when you acquire knowledge, whether theoretical or practical knowledge. Sadly, a lot of people do not want to learn new things, because they believe they know everything or are afraid to try something new. As a result, have nothing more to learn from others. (Proverbs 26:12). Beloved, never stop learning; instead, strive for more knowledge, especially knowledge about God. Keep searching for knowledge and open your ears and heart to it. You will become better when you acquire and apply true knowledge. As you search for knowledge, strive to also know the word of God. The word of God is the source of true wisdom. God’s word brings about increase in knowledge. Learning the words of God is the best learning. It is the most profitable and profound knowledge in the earth because it shows us how to live in line with the will of God. Beloved, are you a person of understanding? Pursue wisdom and strive to learn! Be a good listener and you will increase in learning (James 1:19). Be wise!

1. Thank the Lord for today and worship Him for what He has done for you.
2. Ask God for forgiveness and restoration to fellowship with Him.
3. Pray for knowledge, wisdom and grace to learn and increase learning.
4. Ask for a good night sleep, and destruction of Satan’s plans over your life.

Today I speak into your life, may God help you to hear and increase in knowledge and wisdom all the days of your life, in Jesus’ name, amen.